Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Landmarc Bloody Mary

I recently found myself at Landmarc in the Time Warner building for lunch this past weekend. Since it was a rainy Saturday and the brunch menu was still available, Dena and I decided to try the bloody mary.

Initial impression - Good presentation. Two olives, yay! Four waffle cut pickle wedges, pint glass and a large celery stalk. It was looking like a good start in the pickled/brined accessory department. The first taste was also promising with a thick texture and plenty of floaty bits of pepper and seasonings. Overall it was not too watery or mild (it required no additional hot sauce). First disappointment: Sweet pickles. This was a major downer, sweet pickles and a bloody mary do not mix well in my book. On the positive side, Dena was impressed with the fresh horseradish as well as the minimal vodka flavor. OK, second disappointment: Narrow cocktail straw. The tiny diameter straw could not handle the spices and floaty bits and became clogged repeatedly.

While the Landmarc bloody mary had a wonderful first impression, a few major (but simply solved) set backs kept the overall rating to a three out of five tomatoes.


Landmarc at Time Warner Center
10 Columbus Cir
Manhattan, New York, NY‎
(212) 823-6123